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Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) from an Applied Perspective: The challenges and opportunities for use of CBA and CEA in options analysis.

Joseph Lowe, Editor of HM Treasury’s Green Book

1 Day Course

Course Date - 23rd November 2018 / 10am-5pm

Course Price: £275.00

Course Location:

Birkbeck University, Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HX Room 745


• The theoretical structure of CBA and option choices

• The public sector in reality and the structuring of choice decisions

• The necessary gap between theory and practice

• The framing of decisions, and the hierarchy of choice

• The value and limitations of CBA and Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA)

• CBA or CEA which to use when and can they be virtually equivalent

• CBA and CSR/Business cases

• Discounting in the public sector, what it's for and why it's different

• The welfare and wellbeing debate

• Current valuation challenges

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