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Macro without Maths: A refresher and update for those whose macro is rusty.

Tutored by Visiting Professor Andy Ross FAcSS

2 Day Course

Course Dates - 15th July 2019 (10am-5pm) & 16th July 2019 (9am-4pm).

Course Price: £350.00

Course Location:

Westminster University, 35 Marleybone Road, London NW1 5LS


This course uses graphical techniques and clear explanations. There is virtually no mathematics, and any maths used is optional and very simple. Detailed notes and slides are provided.

The course provides a concise overview of macroeconomics and major macro events since the Great Depression to today. It explains and applies the basic ‘workhorse’ macro frameworks: Neo-classical aggregate economics and Keynesian ‘hydraulic’ models, the IS/LM model and neo-classical synthesis, endogenous money through to the ‘New consensus’ and New-Keynesian 3-equation model, ending with an intuitive introduction to DSGE models. It provides a platform for more formalised treatments, such as intermediate texts by Carlin and Soskice, and for extension to open economies.

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